Ages & Stages 

Girl Band
Traditional Guitar: Stage 1

Introduction Program   1st Stage: 8-10 years. 

1st Stage: This is how it works. 1st Stage means we use one finger at any one time. We learn about the guitar, the body, the strings, the frets and it isn't "all about the bass!" We start on the trebles. We 'string hop' and we 'damp'. We learn about 'chord windows' and strumming. If your hands are too small we'll start you on a little 'baby guitar' called a Uke.

Traditional Guitar: 2nd Stage

Foundation Program  

2nd Stage: 10-12 Years

Adults: Beginner. 

2nd Stage: That's right... two fingers now and we connect the bass and the treble strings. We play more strings and more chords; all those 'baby chords' you learned in Stage 1 are growing up. We learn TAB and Notation. We play in groups so bring a friend or two and you can all learn together.

Adults: By beginning at this stage we can work on basic technique, flexibility and coordination. By separating bass and treble we will introduce more layers and variety to your performance.

Traditional Guitar: 3rd Stage

Intermediate Program 

3rd Stage: 12-14 Years



3rd Stage: Yes... three fingers now and what are called 'Standard Chords'. But remember this..we are guitarists and unlike keyboard players we don't always need to use three fingers to play a chord! We will begin to explore Scales and Arpeggios because all those solos the guitar heros play are made up of notes. And Scales... are just bunches of notes!

Adults: By this stage you should have proficiency in the I position, that is open position chords and melodies. We will develop left hand proficiency up the fretboard with barre chord technique/scales and right hand strumming/damping techniques. If desired right hand finger-picking arpeggio exercises will be included to develop proficiency in a variety of styles.

Traditional Guitar: 4th Stage

Advanced Program 

4th Stage: 15+ 



4th Stage: Now you are almost ready because you can use every finger in your left hand, you have flexibility and precision. You can 'damp' with both hands. You will learn every note on the fretboard and work out where to find the chord you need. You will learn to solo and improvise. You will learn if it ain't written down, use your ears! You will learn to recognise chord patterns and rhythms, everything you need to JAM! 

Adults: All of the above plus vibrato, syncopated rhythm work between left and right hands, hybrid picking, open/fretted and pinch harmonics.

Music Theory/Fretboard Harmony/Tonal and Modal Harmony included if requested.